Since a lot of you used last year's pre-sale to buy tickets in advance, we are happy to offer this option again. This service will be provided in form of Print@Home by our fellow partner
Please note that, as always, we don't have seat reservations - even for presold tickets.

So what's the deal you might ask? First, getting in with a ticket bought in advance will be faster. Second, it's simply something that you can get done before the party. So, no worries about having enough money with you from the start or other hassle - just arrive, show your Print@Home ticket, get yourself and your stuff in and you're set to party!
Last but not least, it makes several things also easier for us - handling megalactic amounts of cash on location is less fun than one might expect :-)

One small caveat at the end: Since everything we're doing is strictly non-profit we need about every cent possible. Therefore an additional PayPal fee will be charged on top of the ticket price (about 1,62 EUR for the normal 4-day ticket).

If you just don't feel like buying a ticket in advance, no worries! It's definitely not a must and you also don't have to fear not to be let in or the like if you don't have a pre bought ticket. We never ran out of tickets and/or space.

Ticket pre-sale has ended

At A Glance

Revision 2015
April 3rd to 6th 2015
Saarbrücken, Germany

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Pure demoscene party
PC, Amiga and Oldskool compos

Dr.-Tietz-Straße 14
D-66115 Saarbrücken