New & Noteworthy

Another year another update to the compo rules.

The biggest change will be behind the scenes where we have updated our recording tool-chain and we can now record in HD at proper frame-rate. The biggest change coming out of this update is that your games can now be recorded in HD and we will also record the game compo for the same reason.

Compo wise the Paintover compo is now an integral part of the competition schedule - the rest of the rules remain the same so we will still provide you the base image on Saturday. For your Linux entries we have now resigned Wubi as the Linux distro and moved towards Ubuntu Desktop.

Should you have any further questions on the new or existing compo rules, contact us through the hotline and we'll get back to you.


  • 'Executable Music (oldskool)' is renamed to 'Oldskool Music'.
  • 'Executable Music (newskool)' is renamed to 'Executable Music'.
  • Game compo will no longer be live but recorded. We will announce the recording window on the bigscreen.
  • As we updated our recording toolchain to the 21st century, we can now record FullHD. Feel free to use this feature e.g. in the Wild compo.

Graphics Compos

  • Paintover Fast Compo is now an integral part of our compos, the rules have not changed.
  • We will no longer allow graphics entries with an identical concept by the same artist, meaning if you make more than one entry using the exact same looks (idea, composition, colors etc. combined) while only replacing the used technique/platform, the repeating entry/ies will be disqualified. In short: To enter more than one graphics compo, you will need to have more than just one idea.

PC Compos

  • If you plan on using DotNet, only version 4.5.x will be available on the compo machine.
  • Ubuntu Desktop will be used for Linux entries.
  • Just for your information, and because some need this clarification: The rules of 4k and 8k intro are exactly the same except for the filesize.

Special competitions

This year, we have to special competitions:

  • The experimental media lab (xm:lab) within the Academy of Fine Arts Saar (HBKsaar) are having the Media Facade Competition again.
  • In cooperation with John Carmack, we'll have a 120hz demo competition this year.