120hz demo competition

We're excited to announce a brand new special event at Revision 2015 - the 120hz demo competition.

John Carmack, famous game programmer and CTO of Oculus wants to see what nifty demos or effects you can write for 120hz LightBoost displays and is sponsoring a special prize.

Since this is a special competition and no currently affordable projection systems exist to showcase those kinds of productions on the Revision bigscreen we'll have a special booth in the infodesk area where everybody can sit down and watch the demos which will run in a continuous loop.

If we find a slot in the timetable, we also might show the entries on the bigscreen at 60hz.

The rules

  • Our general competition rules apply unless otherwise stated
  • Must be delivered as an executable running on Windows 8.1 (see PC Demo competition rules)
  • Must be able to run at 120fps on a GeForce 980 or similar GPU 
  • Displays will be set to LightBoost / low persistence mode for blur reduction
  • Previously released productions optimized for 120hz are allowed
  • Must start with good default settings (720p/1080p with 120hz) and can be modifiable by command line parameters. No dialogs allowed!
  • Demo must terminate itself - no loops allowed!
  • Must be submitted by email before March 31st


As every competition at Revision, the voting for this event will be public.

The Prize

The winner will get a Revision trophy, a money prize and some hardware.

So, you want to take part?

Send your entry incuding the following information to hotline-2015@revision-party.net by March 31st 2015.

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