Media Facade Competition

Revision will again be cooperating with the experimental media lab (xm:lab) within the Academy of Fine Arts Saar (HBKsaar) and calls out to all demosceners to submit their artwork for the media facade, a large backprojection screen, covering the entire glass facade of the academy’s gallery building.

So, groups or single artists - please have a look at this out-of-the-ordinary competition and submit new or converted productions. Remote entries are allowed and welcome!

The winners will be chosen by a jury and presented during a short show during Revision.

The three best submissions will be played regularly on the media facade in Saarbrücken and the best one will receive a nice trophy and and invitation to the academy to hold a workshop, do a talk or something similar.

So - for more information - check out the competition page and create something a little different from the usual Demoscene production.

"Media Facade Competition" Information page on

Technical documentation on

If you're new to the competition you should check out the contributions from 2013 on our YouTube channel.